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Best Whiplash Exercises | Chiropractor Mechanicsville VA

Walk-In Chiropractic Back Relief Best Whiplash Exercises Whiplash, or “Whiplash Associated Disorders” (WAD), results from a sudden jarring motion, often from a car crash that occurs too fast for someone to voluntarily “brace” themselves.  This is because the whole “whiplash cycle” is over within 300 msec., and we cannot contract a muscle faster than 700-800

Whiplash Pain Relief – Why Is It Taking So Long? | Chiropractor R-VA

Walk-In Chiropractic Back Relief Whiplash Pain Relief – Why Is It Taking So Long? This is a partial list of the symptoms that can occur as the result of a motor vehicle collision:  1) neck pain; 2) headache; 3) radiating pain (from neck to head, to the shoulder blade, arm, hand); 4) generalized hypersensitivity; 5)


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