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How Long Will It Take
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Every patient wants to know how long it’s going to take to “fix” their back or neck pain, so it doesn’t just keep coming back.  It’s important to understand that healing is a process.  It takes time.  It can’t be rushed and your body has it’s own way of doing it.  In a previous video we talked about your body being like a house.  When you’re in pain, it’s like your house is on fire.  Chiropractors are like the fire department for out-of-control back and neck pain.  We help put the fire out and get you feeling better.

But what’s left after the fire’s out?  Damage, right?  Now, who are you going to call to fix your house?  The construction workers!  Because, say you have a hole in your roof from the fire and you move back in.  On a sunny day, it won’t matter that you have a hole in your roof.  Now, you have a sunroof!  But what about when it rains, or snows or the wind blows?  You’ll definitely notice the hole then, because more damage will be occurring and the people inside the house are going to be affected adversely.  Well, stress acts on your body the same way that bad weather acts on a house.  If your house has damage from a fire that was never repaired, it doesn’t protect you very well from the elements.  That’s it’s job!  In the same way, your body won’t be able to protect you from the stresses of your daily life if the injury isn’t healed completely.  That’s your body’s job!

Just like bad weather will stop the construction workers from repairing your house, the stresses of your daily life can prolong the healing process.  There are three kinds of stress.  There’s physical stress, like prolonged sitting, lifting improperly, and slips and falls.  There’s emotional stress, like feeling overwhelmed, angry, or depressed, which cause physiological changes in the body that increase inflammation.  Then there’s chemical stress, like eating a poor diet, smoking, drinking alcohol, and taking medication.  All of these stresses distract or prevent the construction workers in your body from doing their jobs to repair the damage that’s been done.

The second thing that determines how long the repair process will take is how much damage there is to fix.  How long was the fire burning before the fire department was called to put it out?  Obviously, the longer the fire burns, the more damage occurs and the longer the healing process takes.  That’s why it’s so important to listen to the fire alarms going off in your body and do something about it.  Don’t ignore them, because it only causes more damage.

So, how can you heal in the minimum amount of time, regardless of how much damage was done by the fire?  #1 Follow our recommendations for self-care.  #2 Eliminate or reduce stresses in your life and #3 Allow us to help you during your healing process. Chiropractors are also like construction supervisors.  We’ll help keep the construction workers in your body from doing shoddy work or standing around on smoke break all day.  Working together, we can help your body heal in the minimum amount of time with results that will last.

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