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Why Do I Have To Keep Going Back To My Chiropractor?

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Probably the most common question I hear from people is, “Why do I need to keep going back to my Chiropractor?”  The answer’s simple: that’s life, stuff happens!  Think of your body like it’s a car that you have to use your whole life and you can’t replace the parts.  How important is your car?  Could you live without it?  How would you get to work to earn a living, or to the grocery store to get food for you and your family, or to take Johnny to soccer practice, or Suzie to dance lessons?  So, if it’s the only car you can ever own and you can’t replace the parts, you’d probably take care of it to make sure the parts don’t wear out before the end of it’s lifetime and usefulness. You’d fill up with premium gas.  That’s like eating a good diet, to give your body the best fuel to run on most efficiently.  You’d get oil changes and tune-ups.  That’s like getting regular exercise to improve and maintain the body’s muscular, skeletal and nervous systems.

Now, say you’re doing all the right things and your car is running well.  You’re driving down the road one day and you get in an accident that knocks your front-end out of alignment.  If you’re able to drive away from the accident, you may notice your car doesn’t drive straight anymore.  It’s obvious that there’s a problem. Then you have to take your car in to be fixed by the expert, the mechanic.  Because if you don’t, the tires will wear out before the end of your car’s lifetime and you can’t drive very well on bald or flat tires.  Remember, you can’t replace the parts.  Chiropractors are like mechanics for your “back end”.  When your back gets injured, we realign it so it won’t wear out before the end of your lifetime!  So, if you get your car fixed and you get into another accident, or your shock absorbers lose compression because you overloaded your car, or you run over a nail and get a flat tire, are you going to wonder why you need to take your car back to the mechanic to get fixed?  Of course not! That’s life, stuff happens!
So, what kind of car are you?  What kind of running condition are you in? Check out the articles below this video to help you be sure you’re filling up with the best gas and doing your oil changes and tune-ups.  And then, if you have a break down or an accident, whether you’re a Ferrari, a Camry, a VW Beetle, or a big ol truck, there’s good news for you!  We fix all years, makes, and models in all conditions.

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back chiropractor mechanicsville chiropractic back pain neck pain

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