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Do Coffee Drinkers Live Longer?

Do Coffee Drinkers Live Longer?   There has been great debate over the years about the pros and cons of drinking coffee.  The confusion is justified, as one study will report on the negative affects while the next will highlight its beneficial attributes.  So here we go again, but this time, the focus is on

Walking For A Healthy Back? | Chiropractor Mechanicsville VA

Walking For A Healthy Back? Scientists who have studied the architecture of the spine have concluded that it is meant for walking.  This may come as a surprise since we humans do very little walking these days.  Over the millennia, our lives have moved from days filled with walking and searching for food to a

Meditation Every Day, The Easy Way | Chiropractor Mechanicsville VA

Meditation Every Day The Easy Way (Click here or continue reading below) With growing evidence that meditation has significant health benefits, a 2014 study by a team of researchers from the United States, Spain, and France sought to explain how and why meditation actually works. The study investigated the difference between “mindful meditation” in a group


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