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Golf Game Improved In 10 Minutes

Improve Your Golf Game In 10 Minutes Want to improve your golf game and prevent lower back pain, neck pain, and sciatica? Learn 9 stretches you can do in 10 minutes before teeing off. Share the love on Facebook!  If you think your friends and family could benefit from this video, click the share button at

What The Heck Is “Tech Neck”?

What The Heck Is “Tech Neck”? Tech is Turning Millennials Into a Generation of Hunchbacks (Fleming, Kirsten, The New York Post, March 5, 2018) In this article, Ms. Fleming profiles the situation of a young man, CY, who began suffering from upper-back pain and neck soreness while in his late teens, subsequent to a habit of

Slouching – Does It Really Matter?

Slouching – Does It Really Matter? It’s easy to understand how slouching can contribute to neck pain and headaches, but what are some other negative health ramifications of bad posture? BREATHING:  Slouching can also reduce the space occupied by the lungs, hindering the ability to take in a deep breath and/or force air out of

Why Do I Have To Keep Going Back To My Chiropractor?

Why Do I Have To Keep Going Back To My Chiropractor? Related Articles: The Anti-Inflammatory Diet – Obesity is one of the leading health-related problems facing the developing world.  Studies show that an anti-inflammatory diet will address many of the issues facing the overweight person, including low back pain. . . Best Exercises For Chronic Back Pain –

4 Key Exercises Relieve Hip Pain | Chiropractor Mechanicsville

4 Key Exercises Relieve Hip Pain There are two types of muscles that help facilitate motion in our hips and lower extremities:  tonic and phasic. Tonic (postural) muscles are always working or contracting to keep us upright.  Therefore, these muscles tend to be tight and short.  When we sleep, they contract or shorten and are

Meditation Every Day, The Easy Way | Chiropractor Mechanicsville VA

Meditation Every Day The Easy Way (Click here or continue reading below) With growing evidence that meditation has significant health benefits, a 2014 study by a team of researchers from the United States, Spain, and France sought to explain how and why meditation actually works. The study investigated the difference between “mindful meditation” in a group

What’s Causing This Knee Pain? | Chiropractor Mechanicsville

What’s Causing This Knee Pain?   The four compartments of the knee (anterior/front, medial/inside, posterior/back, and lateral/outside) are like dominoes.  Meaning, when one is injured, the others “start to fall.”  This is due to compensatory changes in function–when one compartment is problematic, this places added strain or stress to other compartment(s). Hence, managing knee conditions

Carpal Tunnel Surgery – When Is It Needed?

Carpal Tunnel Surgery – When Is It Needed? Carpal Tunnel Surgery is serious business, so it’s best to consider all options before resorting to it. Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) often responds well to non-surgical care and there is good evidence supporting chiropractic treatment for CTS.  But the question frequently arises, “When should I consider surgery

Top 8 Exercises Proven To Relieve Chronic Low Back Pain

Best Exercises for Chronic Low Back Pain Based on simple statistics, we’ve ALL had (or at least will have) some form of low back pain (LBP) at some point in our lives.  The term “chronic” applies to LBP that’s been present for at least three months. It has been consistently reported that LBP becomes increasingly difficult


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