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Best Whiplash Exercises

Best Whiplash Exercises Whiplash, or “Whiplash Associated Disorders” (WAD), results from a sudden jarring motion, often from a car crash that occurs too fast for someone to voluntarily “brace” themselves.  This is because the whole “whiplash cycle” is over within 300 msec., and we cannot contract a muscle faster than 700-800 msec..  Other injury factors

Whiplash Pain Relief – Why Is It Taking So Long?

Whiplash Pain Relief – Why Is It Taking So Long? This is a partial list of the symptoms that can occur as the result of a motor vehicle collision:  1) neck pain; 2) headache; 3) radiating pain (from neck to head, to the shoulder blade, arm, hand); 4) generalized hypersensitivity; 5) numbness or tingling; 6)

Whiplash – 6 Tips For Faster Recovery

Whiplash – What Can You Do To Help? Whiplash is really a slang term for the rapid back and forth whipping of the head on the neck, usually associated with motor vehicle accidents.  The title “Whiplash Associated Disorders”, or WAD, describes it best because it includes ALL of the MANY signs and symptoms of the

Got Whiplash? 10 Facts You Need To Know! | Chiropractor Mechanicsville & Richmond VA

10 “Whiplash Associated Disorders” (WAD) Facts 1.  WAD is often ignored or mistreated due to a lack of understanding about the condition. 2.  WAD often occurs as a result of a rear-end collision while stationary, such as stopped at a red light. 3.  Early mobilization, manipulation, and exercise can lead to a more rapid, complete


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