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Meditation Every Day, The Easy Way | Chiropractor Mechanicsville VA

Meditation Every Day The Easy Way (Click here or continue reading below) With growing evidence that meditation has significant health benefits, a 2014 study by a team of researchers from the United States, Spain, and France sought to explain how and why meditation actually works. The study investigated the difference between “mindful meditation” in a group

Sleep Poorly? Chiropractic Helps! | Chiropractor Mechanicsville

How Does Chiropractic Help You Sleep Better? Plus: 8 DIY Sleep Tips  Here are a few ways to improve your sleep quality in spite of a busy lifestyle: SET A SCHEDULE:  Set a time for BOTH going to bed AND getting up in the morning, preferably at the same times each day–even on weekends. EXERCISE: 

The Obesity & Low Back Pain Link | Chiropractor Mechanicsville

Can Chiropractic Help Me Lose Weight? Obesity is one of the leading health-related problems facing the developing world.  In fact, more than 1/3 (34.9% or 78.6 million) of adults in the United States (US) are obese.  Obesity is linked to heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, certain types of cancer, and many preventable conditions that

DIY Prediction And Prevention Of Diabetes?

Waistline, Diabetes & The Power Of Intermittent Fasting How Big Is Your Waist? A large waistline can put you at risk for health problems, and thus measuring your waist can help gauge your health. The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute advises the following steps to assess your waist circumference: stand up while measuring your

How Statins May Be Causing Your Back Pain | Chiropractor Mechanicsville

Statins – What You Need To Know! Statins are a group of medications frequently prescribed to lower cholesterol, particularly LDLs (low density lipoproteins) — the “bad” cholesterol.  Not long after FDA approval was granted in 1987, patients taking the new statin medications began complaining of muscle pain, sometimes so severe that the pain remained permanent

Best Whiplash Exercises

Best Whiplash Exercises Whiplash, or “Whiplash Associated Disorders” (WAD), results from a sudden jarring motion, often from a car crash that occurs too fast for someone to voluntarily “brace” themselves.  This is because the whole “whiplash cycle” is over within 300 msec., and we cannot contract a muscle faster than 700-800 msec..  Other injury factors

Self Help Guide To Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A “Self Help” Guide To Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) has a bad reputation for coming and going, sometimes for years, depending on many factors such as 1) age; 2) profession (fast, repetitive, with forceful gripping); 3) general health (diabetes, hypothyroid, and inflammatory arthritis (like rheumatoid), pregnancy, on birth control pills, or taking

Whiplash – 6 Tips For Faster Recovery

Whiplash – What Can You Do To Help? Whiplash is really a slang term for the rapid back and forth whipping of the head on the neck, usually associated with motor vehicle accidents.  The title “Whiplash Associated Disorders”, or WAD, describes it best because it includes ALL of the MANY signs and symptoms of the

4 Tricks To Stop A Migraine

What Can I Do To Stop A Migraine? 4 Tips To Manage Your Migraine. 1. RELAXATION THERAPY:  Search for a calm environment, turn of the lights (photophobia, or light sensitivity, is a common migraine complaint), minimize sound/noise (due to “hyperacusis”), and sleep if possible.  Monitor the room temperature and/or use hot/cold compresses to the head

Top 12 Fibromyalgia Sleep Tips

Top 12 Fibromyalgia Sleep Tips Fibromyalgia sufferers often have sleep disturbance. These 12 tips can help improve sleep quality with the goal of feeling restored upon waking in the morning. 1  Noise & Light:  Block out noise with earplugs or a sound machine.  Block out light with window blinds, heavy curtains, and/or an eye mask.


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