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Fibromyalgia Caused By Immune System Dysfuntion?

Fibromyalgia Caused By Immune System Dysfunction? “EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT!  New research published on 12-17-12 in BMC Clinical Pathology describes cytokine abnormalities were found in FM patients when compared to healthy controls.”  OK!  But what does that mean? Very simply, this study reports that immune dysfunction is part of the cause of fibromyalgia (FM).  The

Fibromyalgia Symptoms Are “In Your Head”? | Chiropractor Mechanicsville

Fibromyalgia And Central Nervous System Problems Do you hurt all over, frequently feel exhausted, can’t seem to ever feel “rested” after a night’s sleep, don’t respond to any of the recommended medications from your family physician, and not test seems to uncover anything specific?  If this sounds like you, it is possible that you are

Fibromyalgia – A Whole Body Approach

Fibromyalgia – A Whole Body Approach Fibromyalgia is a complicated disorder that’s difficult to diagnose because it involves multiple body systems. As a result, there are a myriad of factors in the body that can play a role in a patient’s symptoms. That said, it’s best to take a whole body approach when it comes

What’s The Best Fibromyalgia “Diet”?

The Fibromyalgia Diet Certainly, healthy eating is VERY important for ALL of us regardless of our current ailment/s.  Obesity is rampant largely due to the fact that 60% of the calories consumed by the “typical” American center around eating highly inflaming food that include those rich in Sugar, Omega-6 oil, Flour, and Trans-fats (“SOFT” foods,

Top 12 Fibromyalgia Sleep Tips

Top 12 Fibromyalgia Sleep Tips Fibromyalgia sufferers often have sleep disturbance. These 12 tips can help improve sleep quality with the goal of feeling restored upon waking in the morning. 1  Noise & Light:  Block out noise with earplugs or a sound machine.  Block out light with window blinds, heavy curtains, and/or an eye mask.

Best Fibromyalgia Exercise

Best Fibromyalgia Exercise When addressing a fibromyalgia exercise, one must consider the whole body.  Perhaps one of the most important to consider is the squat. If you think about it, we must squat every time we sit down, stand up, get in/out of our car, and in/out of bed. Even climbing and descending steps results

Fibromyalgia – Can It Be Prevented?

Fibromyalgia – Can It Be Prevented? In order to answer the question, “Can fibromyalgia be prevented?”, we must first find the cause of FM. There are two types of FM:  PRIMARY and SECONDARY.  Primary FM occurs for no known reason, while secondary FM can be triggered by a physical event such as a trauma (e.g.,


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