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Best Fibromyalgia Exercise

When addressing a fibromyalgia exercise, one must consider the whole body.  Perhaps one of the most important to consider is the squat.

If you think about it, we must squat every time we sit down, stand up, get in/out of our car, and in/out of bed. Even climbing and descending steps results in a squat-lunge type of movement.

squat fibromyalgia exercise chiropractor mechanicsvilleThe problem with squatting is that we frequently lose (or misuse) the proper way to do this when we’re in pain as the pain forces us to compensate, which can cause us to develop faulty movement patterns that can irritate our ankles, knees, hips, and spine (particularly the low back).  In fact, performing a squatting exercise properly will strengthen the hips, which will help protect the spine, and also strengthens the gluteal muscles, which can help you perform all the daily activities mentioned above.

The “BEST” type of squat is the free-standing squat.  This is done by bending the ankles, knees, and hips while keeping a curve in the low back.  The latter is accomplished by “. . .sticking the butt out” during the squat.

Do NOT allow the knees to drift beyond your toes!  I you notice sounds coming from your knees, they can be ignored IF they are not accompanied by pain.  If you do have pain, try moving the foot of the painful knee about six inches ahead of the other and don’t squat as far down.  Move within “reasonable boundaries of pain” by staying away from positions that reproduce sharp, lancinating pain that lingers upon completion. There are MANY exercises that help fibromyalgia, but this one is particularly important.

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